Your Character

Name: Lindir

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Class: Guardian

Personality: Lindir enjoys the elven culture, and so may at times be unaware of the ways of the mortal races. His heart is glad, yet carries a heavy burden, as he yearns for the sea and Valinor. Lindir pities the ephemeral nature of other races, but can be driven to take arms against them.


Agility: 6

Health: 7

Strength: 6

Stamina: 7

Charisma: 8

Weapons: Lhang, Staff, Elven Longbow with 45 Arrows, Knife

Armour: Lamellar Chestplate

Clothing: Ranger's tunic and surcoat.

Equipment: Coil of rope, Fur cloak, 1 1/2 Lembas wafers, 2/4 deer meat

Affiliation: Good.

Respawn Point: Hall of Fire, Rivendell.

Money: 7

Your Tasks

  1. Defeat the Goblins at Bruinen.
  2. Recapture the Western Watch Tower of Rivendell.
  3. Defeat the bandits north of Archet, in the Chetwood Forest.
  4. Enter the Inn of the Prancing Pony (in Bree) for 1 new task.
  5. Look for a passage underneath the Misty Mountains.
  6. Survive the journey under Moria.
  7. Go to Thranduil's Halls in Mirkwood to warn Thranduil of the Avari.
  8. Go to the Lonely Mountain to prepare for an attack by the Avari.