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Play all three Lord of the Rings books/movies and their action sequences as any of the Company's characters, and fight enemies from Goblins to Uruk-hai to the Nazgul themselves.


  1. Follow the rules of the Wiki.
  2. Only one player can join. Let it be someone who is on often.
  3. Only play one character of your choice for each level.
  4. Unless the character you picked is Gandalf or Boromir (in certain cases), you won't die, but don't be afraid to let your character take injuries. They get beaten up all the time.
  5. Have fun!

Level 2: Redhorn Pass

Objective: Find an escape route back to the foothills of Caradhras and make sure all the Fellowship members survive.

Available Characters


Clothing: Robe and hat

Weapons: Glamdring, Staff (Can be swung, blast fireballs, apply telekinesis, heal other units)


Goblin Warrior

Weapons: Scimitar

Clothing: Scavenged breastplate and helmet, shield

Goblin Archer

Weapons: Bladebow

Clothing: Scavenged breastplate


Weapons: Pincers

Clothing: None


Goblin Chieftain

Weapons: Spear, scimitar

Clothing: Scavenged breastplate and helmet, shield