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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    NOTE FROM THE CREATOR: This is absolutely NOT canon. It is made simply as a parody and for humor. Characters who never met before in Middle-earth's history will make appearances here. And yes, there will be a guest appearance by Jon Snow.

    Middle-earth Summer Olympics TA 3019: Hosted at Helm's Deep beginning on July 29.

    July 29: Opening Ceremony at The Hornburg. An Uruk-hai will extinguish the Torch. Archery will occur then as well.

    July 30: Second half of Archery, Horse Riding, Fencing, and "Toss-the-Dwarf".

    July 31: Second half of fencing match. Archery finals for Free Peoples, Anduin Canoeing, and second part of Fencing.

    July 32: Third part of Fencing, second part of Anduin Canoeing, "Toss-the-Dwarf" finals, and Archery finals for Forces of Sauron…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Today, we start a new era of this Wiki. Nognix and I have been talking about a way to make the mechanics of this Wiki much easier and therefore making it more popular. So I have decided to cancel all current RPGs and we shall work on making this Wiki completely based on just ONE Role-playing Game where all users can interact with each other and with narrators and such. Pages will be added on locations, products, and the players themselves. I will be using a d20 system and Dungeons & Dragons-like statistics. So I am asking anyone who is kind enough to help with the plans as soon as each part is ready to be posted. Thanks!

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    The Clockwork Goblin

    December 20, 2011 by Wyvern Rex.

    Here's my contribution to Allaria, set after the Sundering and somewhat before the time of Malaise...

    Even the more aesthetic scholars of Curillia, those who had asserted that not only was a thing of beauty a joy forever but that the said thing should be replicated such its beauty be better admired, could accept that the Obsidian Tower was possessed of said qualities. It squatted at the lip of a valley like an unpleasant morsel of food on an epicure’s tongue, with the landscape forever poised in deciding between whether to spit it out or swallow it quickly to avoid noticing the vile taste.

    Still, the view from the top was decent, if only because you couldn’t see the accursed edifice. Visitors to the room at the top admired it, with its remin…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Gil-galad, High King of the Ñoldor and joint commander of the Last Alliance!

    Elric, wielder of the doomed sword Stormbringer and facet of the Eternal Champion of the Multiverse!


    Gil-galad Elric of Melniboné
    Melee: Aeglos Melee: Stormbringer
    Magic: Elven mantras Magic: Force blast
    Special: Vilya Special: Ring of Actorios (can summon Arioch, a demon prince with powers roughly equal to Annatar's, to Elric's aid)
    Armor and shielding: Last Alliance armor, has self-healing powers (only useful in non-mortal wounds). Armor and shielding: Black plate mail, black chain mail.
    X Factor: Gil-galad is physically stronger than Elric and is capable of using Telepathy. X Factor: Elric is physically weak but an accomplished sorceror, with…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Name: Lindir

    Gender: Male

    Species: Elf

    Class: Guardian

    Personality: Lindir enjoys the elven culture, and so may at times be unaware of the ways of the mortal races. His heart is glad, yet carries a heavy burden, as he yearns for the sea and Valinor. Lindir pities the ephemeral nature of other races, but can be driven to take arms against them.


    Agility: 6

    Health: 7

    Strength: 6

    Stamina: 7

    Charisma: 8

    Weapons: Lhang, Staff, Elven Longbow with 45 Arrows, Knife

    Armour: Lamellar Chestplate

    Clothing: Ranger's tunic and surcoat.

    Equipment: Coil of rope, Fur cloak, 1 1/2 Lembas wafers, 2/4 deer meat

    Affiliation: Good.

    Respawn Point: Hall of Fire, Rivendell.

    Money: 7

    1. Defeat the Goblins at Bruinen.
    2. Recapture the Western Watch Tower of Rivendell.
    3. Defeat the ba…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    I am planning a mega-RPG where characters travel ANYWHERE they want in Middle-earth. However, I will need some mechanics planned out.

    Every player will start out with 10 Ability Points, and can place them in the following sections:

    1. Strength: Extra points here make your character stronger, able to wield heavier weapons and lift heavier things.
    2. Health: Extra points here make your character less likely to be injured, able to sustain heavier injuries and survive illness.
    3. Stamina: Extra points here make your character less likely to grow exhausted, able to continue fighting for a long time.
    4. Charisma: Extra points here make your character more likely to gain alliances with non-player characters, able to talk his/her way from violence.
    5. Agility: Extra p…

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  • Ranguvar Foreseeker

    Hello there, this is my first RPG here. This RPG is based on the wars underground between Dwarves and Goblins and the "Otherfolk," beasties such as the Balrog who are affilated with neither.

    1. You may use only the Dwarf, Goblin/orc/troll/Uruk hai, or with permission the "Otherfolk" species (I don't want to have too many of those.) in this RPG as long as it is in the LotR. There may also be the occasional Lothlorien or Rivendell elf.
    2. No foul language
    3. Keep the weapons to LotR also
    4. Obey Protocol
    5. Enjoy yourself!

    Add yours through the comments. They will be put here.

    Gender: Male

    Species: Dwarf

    Appearance: beard, bushy eyebrows

    Clothing: Traveling cloak, high quality Smaug-scale armor underneath.

    Weapons: Two axes, Holy Runes of Durin, Shield, short-sword


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  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    Another LOTR fanfic! This one, however, is full-length. And WARNING: This will be slightly AU. Some reader discretion is advised for this one. On the rating scale, I imagine it would be T, or PG-13. Vicissitudes: (n) 1. unexpected changes in life

    LOTR (c) J.R.R.T

    Beta Reader: Bobadoo and my older brother

    FEEDBACK PLEASE!! Comments like "Good!" are okay, but I really want to hear your thoughts. What did you like? What did you find kinda weird? Were the characters in character? Are any of my OCs leaning towards Mary-Sue-ism? And begging for updates tends to make me not want to update. :P

    A battered party of elven warriors wound their way through the imposing trees of Mirkwood. Their clothes were torn and stained with the blood of orcs, spiders, …

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  • Pinedance Coneslinger

    I am aware that this is a Christmas fic. :P I wrote it on Christmas Eve last year. This was also my first shot at writing the Rohirric charries. :P I hope I did them justice.

    This is a oneshot, so DO NOT ask for more because there will be no more.

    LOTR (c) J.R.R.T I'm just someone who enjoys dabbling in his world.

    Beta Readers: Bobadoo and Nierial Raina

    FEEDBACK PLEASE!! Comments like "Good!" are okay, but I really want to hear your thoughts. What did you like? What did you find kinda weird? Were the characters in character? Etc.

    She watched the candles throw their soft glow about her room restlessly. Her multi-colored blankets were given highlights by the yellow light and she purposefully made the blankets rustle to see the light sift and othe…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    Currently under construction.

    Play all three Lord of the Rings books/movies and their action sequences as any of the Company's characters, and fight enemies from Goblins to Uruk-hai to the Nazgul themselves.

    1. Follow the rules of the Wiki.
    2. Only one player can join. Let it be someone who is on often.
    3. Only play one character of your choice for each level.
    4. Unless the character you picked is Gandalf or Boromir (in certain cases), you won't die, but don't be afraid to let your character take injuries. They get beaten up all the time.
    5. Have fun!

    Objective: Find an escape route back to the foothills of Caradhras and make sure all the Fellowship members survive.


    Clothing: Robe and hat

    Weapons: Glamdring, Staff (Can be swung, blast fireballs, apply telek…

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart


    January 20, 2011 by Thornclaw Braveheart

    Since our beloved Shoutbox was so cruely taken like Morgoth took the Silmarils from Formenos, we have a substitute.

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  • Thornclaw Braveheart

    The first RPG on this Wiki! You choose a character, any character, from the JRR Tolkien Middle-earth Legendarium and fight with him/her against other User's characters!

    1. Obey the Protocol.
    2. No immediate killing. For instance, no Angmar slices off Aragorn's head and stabs him in gut with Morgul-knife but Angmar swings sword at Aragorn's head and stabs at him with Morgul-knife.
    3. Only Tolkien characters. Their New Line Cinema versions are acceptable as well.
    4. Have fun!

    Please place your character in the same profile as mine or IT WILL NOT COUNT.

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human (Corrupted into Nazgul)

    Appearance: Black robe and hood, spiked crown/helmet, metal gauntlets and shoes, rest of body not visible

    Clothing: See Appearance

    Weapons: Longsword that can burst …

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